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September 24th, 2010 at 21:20

One of my favorite blog people who is come to be a very dear friend has learned to knit not to long ago from her cousin, Beth, who’s blog I also happen to follow by pure coincidence. Small world.
Beth participates a thing called “Fibers on Friday”. I like the idea of knitting again now that the evenings are getting longer and there is more time spent sitting around. I used to knit a lot. I mean we are talking about knitting crazy, I started knitting when I was in high school, there was a bunch of us and we would sit in the back of the class and knit away on our jumpers and things while listening to the teachers. In retrospect I’m surprised they allowed us to knit and I dare say how way ahead of their time they were. Anyway, I knitted everywhere, on the bus, in class, meeting friends in cafés, sometimes I would knit walking to the bus stop or subway station!!

And I think it’s time to take up knitting again. I still have an unfinished jumper I started and nearly finished knitting over 15 years ago. And I’ve decided to recycle and reuse. Sometimes you have to demolish before you can create. It took me 3 hours to unravel this piece and in the coming week I shall (start to) create something new and hopefully slightly more modern/beautiful.


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