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earth -the theme for october

October 3rd, 2010 at 20:53

It’s a new month and we start a new theme at CED. I didn’t know the theme for October would be Earth. Leah has some good ideas for this theme and I was all chuffed to have such a smooth transition into the subject with my last post.

I was away for a week and on my return I discovered the clay has not separated from the water much at all. So I filtered the muck through some netting to remove any pebbles and other impurities and now am going to try to drain off the water by letting it seep through some cotton fabric. I came up with the idea from my various cooking/home preserving projects where liquids are often drained through a cheese cloth to get juice from pulp. And I thought, well that could work the other way around, too.

We shall see.

And if anyone has any idea how to take the water out of this months theme the muck, please let me know.

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