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using up natural materials

October 8th, 2010 at 20:18

Yesterday morning I woke up with a plan for one of my current creative challenges. Don’t you just love it when your subconscious hands you the answer to a quest(ion), something you’ve been mulling over in your mind, an answer as a little gift first thing after you wake up?

Evelyn left a comment on my blog about a week ago on what to do with slip/clay that is too wet for sculpturing. She suggested I could pour it into plaster casting molds. And I though yes, that’s a great idea on how to make use of my very own handmade Earth theme material, the clay I made from my garden soil. But somehow it seemed I needed to make it more mine beyond going out to buy a casting mold and using my clay that way. So yesterday morning while I was waking up the idea came to me to make my own mold for my slip. Specifically I thought I would make a tile mold. And I’ve been working on that for the last two days.

Try making a mold for a tile is rather bland and too easy really. But a tile with a pattern is something entirely different. I thought it would be easiest to make a patterned mold by carving the design into a piece of wood. I’ve got the tools from my stone carving and a whole lot of drill bits that are useless for stone carving but might, just might work for the softer material in this case pine. I have bits of pine flying around in the shed left over from various building projects from years ago and they were well, handy, available at no extra cost and a natural material too boot. And because the Dia de los Muertos is coming up it’s not all completely out of place to use a design I’ve been using since DoD 2009 in various other projects. It’s also a design I don’t have to think about while trying to solve a crafting kind of problem. So here is the first woodblock carved piece:

It’s kinda nice except for the fact that it’s the opposite of what it needs to be! I could use it as a relief stamp into a tile maybe! But not as a mold.

So, I had to do it all again.

Taadraaaa! What do you think? Obviously it will need some kind of a rim around the outside so I can pour the slip into it. And I’m thinking I will have to seal the wood somehow so that the clay will actually separate from the mold later on. I was thinking silicone spray?? Or just a water based varnish? I am very open for suggestions, advice, feedback and other ideas, anyone?

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  1. curlsofred Says:

    LOVE it. Can’t wait to see more!

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