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I’ve been blogging since 2006 and at first it was only my photography that appeared on my first blog. But then the writing became more and more important to me as well and I started to use blogging to flex my writing muscles. In November 2009 I participated in the NaNoWriMo and finished my first ever challenge as an author as a winner.

Since the autumn of 2009 I came to realise how liberating creativity can be, it is like another language I’m learning to speak, that expresses something deep down in my soul.

The NaNoWriMo taught me the benefits of taking on a challenge and so I’ve decided to participate in the creative everyday challenge and this blog is documenting it.

This blog is currently being set up and very much in beta, so please comment on anything you see and read or just even to say you’ve come to visit.

Thank you for calling and enjoy your stay.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. sara lee Says:

    I love the blog! This is such a calm serene space-
    two questions- I am kind of new to the blogging (since Sept of 09) forgive my ignorance- why are there tags and how do you tag- exactly- this process/’tool’ eludes me and may I would like to post your blog in my inspiration list. :)
    thank you!
    just beautiful.

  2. forward tumble Says:

    hey sara lee, thank you for the compliments. The easy question first, yes, it would be an honour for me if you list me as an inspiration on your blog, I think you are an awesome artist, and forgive me for not asking for permission to link to your site. I think your work is wonderful and you are very, very inspiring!

    Ok, now the tags, you’re on blogger, it’s a little bit different, my site is powered by wordpress, there is a lot more control in wordpress, it’s open source so people contribute their widgets and plug-ins and there is a lot of stuff that is extra, kinda pretty, prettier than blogger was. But it’s a bit more nerdy, too.

    Anyway the tag clouds, when you post on blogger at the bottom of every post composition you have an option to add a label. So if you’re post is about acrylics, pottery, or sunshine, whatever, you can give it a tag. And they appear at the bottom of every post you “tag” like that.

    So if you have a few “tags”/labels you added to your posts, you can go to your blog layout and add a gadget. There is one there called “Label”, a configure label window opens up. Here you can choose how you want your labels to be displayed, I went to one of my old blogs on blogger and put up a cloud formation for you from my labels. Have a look. That’s done with the settings: all labels, alphabetical, , cloud, no numbers and I gave it the name “tag cloud”. I should really put this in an email to you. :-)

    I hope I could help, good luck, contact me if you have any further questions, I’ll try my best to share the little bit of what I know.

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