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fantasy and you – week two assignment for the artmooc

June 14th, 2013

woorangea – 25×30 acrylic and natural material

detail – the piece of wood i used to make the head/beak of the fantasy creature
As my artist’s statement i submitted the following:

I live next to a forest and often see nature as pure art. The lines of a leaf look like like a mesh or wood (that is part of the painting I made for this assignment) that looks like an eye and then like a birds head, a swan, a serpent, my imagination can spin off in all sorts of directions.

First I picked a canvas and sketched the rough outline of a bird I wanted to paint. I wanted to create a painting with lots of texture and encorporate the piece of wood I had found. Next I mixed dark brown acrylic paint. I wanted to start with a dark, less faded palette than the piece of wood and maybe later add some highlights with lighter colours on top in a second coat. I intended to use the dried petals of the hydrangea from last years bloom to use them as a texture in the actual paint. when I was working them into the paint I liked the way the edges stuck out of the paint and i experimented with that. So the acrylic became the glue that held the petals in place.

The artists that influenced me most for this piece were Max Ernst and Jean Arp. I particularly liked the highly textural pieces of Max Ernst. While Jean Arp was also working with beauty and chance but in a different way, I let the beauty of the object (the piece of wood and cluster of hydrangea petals) that I found in nature guide me to explore what can be done with them in art. And as I worked with the natural material and observed how they fused with the acrylic paint this creature that I initially thought to be a bird turned into a scaled fantastic creature, a dragon. The woorangea literally grew out of my imagination as I made it.

As the creature is pure texture and nearly a sculpture I chose a minimal, neutral background.

Week two was an interesting challenge. I only watched the videos towards the end of the week and suddenly found myself under pressure to come up with an idea and then execute what I had thought of within a day before the due date.