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6th of march – my terra cotta

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

I picked up the latest pottery from the kiln yesterday evening. And I’m very happy with the results. I love the deep terra cotta, this unglazed baked earth.

I am thrilled with the plant labels. I used white slip on my own clay to make the labels easier to read. I am unsure whether I should put any glazing on these label or just leave them in their natural colour. Maybe, I will glaze one or two for the sake of experimenting.

But then, at this stage I have one plate, two 8-inch bowls, and five smaller bowls of various shapes and sizes fired ready for glazing… And I have over 20 sample strips I made specifically for experimental ventures. And in regards to the labels, I have a near enough immediate need for those in the garden because seeding in spring is the time of year when you need them most! Ah, well, I don’t have to decide just yet. And now I better get a move on and do some more gardening.

If you want to see how I put these labels into good use keep a look out for updates on the gardening blog.