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15th of November – another earthenware piece

Monday, November 15th, 2010

My previous pieces of of pottery are currently being fired.

Am I nervous about the outcome? No. For me this is one big experiment because I made the clay with plenty still left to make at least another 4 bowls and equal amount of cups or mugs. If I was to run out of clay to work with there is plenty more raw material where the first came from. I can repeat this again if for whatever reason my pieces don’t survive the firing intact.
Am I curious? Yes, obviously. I’m itching to see what they look like. What will the colour of the clay be when fired? How did the slip turn out? Does scratching out a pattern in the slip work? But I will have to wait a little bit longer.

I hadn’t made anything from clay in 72 hrs and yesterday afternoon I reckoned the time had come. I still had some writing to do for NaNoWriMo though and couldn’t get going until last night when I started to work on a bigger piece. Sorry, I wont give you a preview. Instead I’ll share what I made from the left over bits of clay I had when I finished working on the big one.

It’s another little bowl. In German there is a word that describes objects that sit well in your hand and make you touch and rub them like touchstones as hand flatterers (Handschmeichler). Flattering in this case is meant in a way that something can be said to flatter ones eyes if it looks particularly well. And the shape of the little bowls I’ve made somehow flatter ones touch, they just feel right to me. They sit perfectly inside the palm of my hand. If I could just figure out what to do with all these small little bowls I’m making – all in good time! Let’s see if the other one makes it out of the kiln in one piece before I start making plans.

I used the little footprint stamp I made a few days ago to make an impression at the bottom of this latest bowl.


I’m off to ring my friend with the kiln in a little while, I’ll keep you posted if there is any news.*

* They didn’t turn on the kiln over the weekend so there is no news on the firing and wont be for another couple of days.