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hatching in graphite – week one of the online art foundation course

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Week one of the MOOC I enrolled in went by so fast, it’s blurred. I mulled over the concept of a piece of art that would be me. Chainsaw and wood constantly kept coming back to me but I realised it wouldn’t be possible to do a wood carving in the little time I had especially because I have never done one before. Yet I was certain a theme of gardening and country living would be me.

A day went by and then another and then another while I was digging and preparing the vegetable patches for this years food from the garden and my art assignment shrank into the background. Life just takes over most days. So in the end I submitted a sketch after repeating the exercises using graphite pencils.

And for my artist’s bio I wrote the following:

This is my first ever course I’ve enrolled in the subject of art. I spent most of my days outside tending to the plants growing in my vegetable garden.

I’ve enjoyed art all my life and though I’ve never had any formal training I’ve tried myself in a lot of things including pottery, painting with water colours, acrylics, wood carving, felting, sculpturing, photography. I’ve enjoyed the first set of videos and learned all sorts of technical things about graphite pencils that i tried out nearly straight away. I didn’t have an apple** because at this time of year there aren’t any apples on the trees yet. But the strawberries are blooming so I tried myself with one of those.

I tired using a little bit of what I learned about hatching with graphite pencils of various softness and only when I was nearly finished I realised hatching is probably better done BIGger. My sketch is only about 5-6 cm across.

I’m looking forward to this course because i really would like to learn a lot more about techniques and styles and materials I have and haven’t used.

I’m also looking forward to meeting other artists and seeing other people’s work.

** In the video’s Anna Divinsky has an apple sitting on her desk that she used as a model to demonstrate different techniques.