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Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

It’s autumn and with the change of season the days are wetter, darker and colder. Fortunately we still also have plenty of dry, bright and warm days this year. As a result I’ve been sitting out on the back patio with my pieces of wood, my drill bits, a cup of tea and plenty of biscuits trying to let my creativity a free reign.

I’ve been extremely busy and had a guilty conscious because the grass needed cutting and the fruit trees needed planting and a whole lot of other chores done. Maybe that’s why it all went a bit pear shaped on me, my time management isn’t up to scratch these days so it seems.

But I did get to sit outside as you can see and I’ve made something like five or six woodblock moulds and prints and started working with different materials to use with the blocks. I had this bright idea one morning to make edible art. I tried making biscuits with my moulds twice but the doughs I made were to soft and the designs to fine and somehow didn’t survive 10 minutes in the oven without disappearing. But don’t think me daft for trying for these type of wood block print biscuits have a very long /old tradition in central Europe (especially at Christmas). Look it up with wikki (that’s where I got the photo from below) with the keyword: spekulatius

But though I had the moulds and followed the recipe I couldn’t get my dough to work. I even tried other food stuff, I tried using chocolate which was a tasty mess but didn’t result in what I wanted, edible tiles. After two days in the kitchen I stopped all together for a good few days. I think I’ve had a creative block that’s been stopping me from trying anything else. Ultimately I would like to use the clay from the garden, but though the clay is drying off nicely it’s not ready yet. I have this thing about using Earth as the material and not something I buy in a craft shop in a bucket. Really until my clay is dry enough the most obvious material to use is the modeling clay I have sitting in a bucket in my studio.

appox 2.5″ x 3.5″

I used it exactly like dough. I rolled it out with a rolling pin, pushed it into the mould with my hands and the rolling pin and then cut off the excess with a kitchen knife. They are now air drying. I suppose I could have tried marzipan or some other food stuff to make them edible, but I’m not a great fan of marzipan and filled to the brim with home made cookies (I couldn’t stand another day in the kitchen like that! but you can see I’m still frustrated with the non-success of the edible art project…).

Oh, and if you are one of my fellow DoD art swapper friends reading this, no, this is not a preview of what’s in the post to you. :-P

Happy crafting and artistic creativity to you all.